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“I don’t really review businesses other than restaurants and retail stores unless they are outstanding, and this is one of them. As a sweets addict, having a good dentist is so essential to my Yelpy well-being. Dr. Hosseini took over Dr. Avedikian’s clinic in the beginning of this year after his retirement and I’m very impressed with her dental service so far. I heard Dr. Avedikian had painstakingly chosen her from dozens of dentists he had been interviewing to make sure his successor shares the same principles and sincerity, not like those greedy business-minded dentists who care more about money than patients. I see the same spirit and concern in Dr. Hosseini that Dr. Avedikian had; she’s so professional, gentle, informative, very friendly, and approachable. I heard she graduated from Tufts and has worked in the Navy Dental Corps and received a letter from the US President for her dental service in the military. She takes personal interest in each patient and gives patients options, and thoroughly explains the procedure and is not pushy at all. She even gave me a permission to call her even in the middle of the night if I experience any discomfort. Great patient care!!! 5-star!!!”

— H. Y.

“Dr. Hosseini recently (maybe two years ago?) took over the practice of the dentist we had been seeing for 20 years. We (my husband, daughter, and I) have been absolutely delighted with her from the very first appointment. She is thorough, professional, friendly, and kind. My teeth are not particularly wonderful, and in two cases, other providers (oral surgeons, endodontists) had recommended radical and EXPENSIVE procedures to me. I am so glad that I listened to Dr. Hosseini’s more conservative ‘wait and see’ approach. In both cases, the pain I was having subsided on its own and I was able to avoid painful and expensive procedures. Dr. Hosseini has very up-to-date equipment in her office, and seems to keep up on the latest procedures and technologies. Of course, no one is ever really happy to have to see any dentist, but she is certainly the very best one I have ever been to.”

— M. M.

“I am very happy to have Dr Hosseini as my dentist. She and her staff are very professional and also very friendly. There have been times when I was nervous about a procedure and Dr Hosseini was there for me to ease my nervousness. I was impressed with how she handled my situation and glad to know that she is so caring and professional. Thank you.”

— Stacy K

“I was lucky to come across Dr. Zahra Hosseini, a proud US Navy veteran. It’s very hard starting with a new dentist and she understood. She suggested we get to know each by starting with something small. She handed me a stress ball and worked very hard at putting me at ease. Did I mentiion I have dential anxiety? So the trust was built. I am always nervous, but Dr. Hosseini checks to make sure I am ready and tells me what’s happening as she goes along. She does everything in her power to make you pain-free and confident in her ability and treatment plan. Today I went there by mistake, as my appointment was later in the week, but she gladly took me, and I think she and her assistant worked through their lunch hour. She sincerely thanks me for coming to the office every time and asks if everything is all right in my life and if the care she’s already provided is satisfactory.

“She takes pride in her work and you can tell she loves being a dentist. I needed a crown, which she proudly told me she gets certified USA from California. Apparently, many dentists are getting crowns from China! Who knew! She has a lovely staff who are equally kind and professional. I am very glad and grateful I found this practice.”

— Marianne

“Dr. Hosseini and her staff went above and beyond to help me with a dental issue no other doctor could resolve. Her professional manner and knowledge all in all was an excellent experience, and I recommend her without any hesitation to those in need of quality, honest, and caring dental work.”

— Edward S.

“Dr. Hosseini and her entire staff are wonderful.  She is warm, friendly, professional, and takes the time to get to know her patients on a personal level. And she remembers everything! She explains procedures thoroughly so the patient is relaxed and knows just exactly what to expect. She works with a patient’s insurance and will do work only when it is necessary, but will advise accordingly. The staff is superb and there is never a wait time. I would highly recommend her services!”

— Debbie A


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